Why SYS Advisors?

A bespoke approach to recruiting senior-level commercial real estate professionals

Personalized approach

The founder/president handles all aspects of the search and does not delegate aspects to junior staff. This “hands-on” approach is essential to ensuring a successful outcome.


Offering a high level of integrity and poise, SYS has first-hand experience in retained executive search for commercial real estate and other institutional-grade investment management firms.


SYS assists in articulating the specific needs of the position and company culture to better identify and interview suitable candidates. We vet candidates thoroughly.


We strive to efficiently help our clients hire candidates who match the position specification and add to company culture. Highly skilled in candidate assessment, we handle the entire screening process to ensure that our clients see only the best candidates


High level of focus on client needs combined with undertaking only a few select search at a time facilitates a targeted approach. Every search that Su Yon has conducted has resulted in the client extending an offer to a qualified candidate.

Wider pool of candidates

Due to “non-competes”, the average search firm is prohibited from approaching roughly 25% of the relevant talent pool. SYS is free to approach a significantly larger candidate pool and has very few “hands-off” candidates.


SYS Advisors is 100% woman- and minority-owned. We are well-positioned to help you implement “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)” hiring mandates. Hiring a diverse firm such as SYS can also help clients who are also passionate about diversity and inclusion to ensure diversity in their own supply chains.